About us

Vodogradnja D.O.O. is a family company from Pukovac, Doljevac municipality, Nišava administrative district. It was founded in 1991 and since then has been constantly investing in the development of personnel and machine potential in the field of construction.

At the beginning of its business, Vodogradnja was engaged in sand processing. A few years after that, we started producing concrete. Since 2008, we have been expanding our operations to include earthworks, and in 2013, our asphalt base began operating.

How do we work?

In its operations, Vodogradnja primarily relies on its qualified staff. One quarry, crushing and grinding plants, two sand separation plants, two concrete factories, a Wibau asphalt production plant with a capacity of 180 tons per hour, as well as working machines: excavators, loaders, bulldozers, asphalt milling machines (Wirtgen), graders , roller sets, tippers, concrete mixers, concrete pumps, material transport trailers, pavers (Biteli) and trucks are available to meet the needs of our clients as quickly and qualitatively as possible.

Adherence to the agreed deadlines and the quality of the works have so far been recognized by:

– Philip Morris – Tobacco Industry Nis

– Leoni – factories in Niš, Malošište, Prokuplje

– Forest Enterprises factory in Pukovac

– The Jura factory in Leskovac

– Hotel Gejzir, Sijarinska banja

– Inter Lemind factory in Lekovac

– Lukolil and OMV gas stations from the territory of the Nišava district

– Toll stations on the Niš – Leskovac highway

– Aqua park Doljevac

– Aqua park Niš

What are we doing?

Today, Vodogradnja can offer the market:

We also participated in the construction of capital projects:

- Constantine the Great Airport in Nis,

- Drinking water pools Vinik 1 and Vinik 2 in Niš

- Drinking water pools in Vlasotinac, Vučje and Lukovska banja

- Construction of Selovo Dam, Kuršumlija

- Sports hall in Kuršumlija,

- Hotel in Lukovska banja,

- Sports hall in Leskovac

- Bus station in Leskovac

- Hotel complex "Pašina česma" near Leskovac

We cooperate with all investors and entrepreneurs of residential and commercial buildings in Niš, Leskovac and Prokuplje.

We cannot influence the weather conditions for driving, but we can influence the condition of the roads. Vodogradnja deals with the construction and maintenance of city and suburban roads in the Nišava, Jablanica and Toplica districts, and a special recognition for the quality of our work is cooperation with the company Strabag in the construction of the highway Nis – Pristina – Durrës.

The existence of more than a hundred families in this region directly depends on Vodogradnja. Indirectly, much more. These are great responsibilities that oblige our company to responsibly approach each new challenge.

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